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5Hose Coupling 2
6Part No.

Note: Illustration shows a DN 100 mm nominal bore hose. Picture may differ from original product.

Part Number

DFGGAFIRE HD 250 L1=m JIS 10 K Plated CS fixed flange - PCS ferrule...

Hose TypeDanflon GGA Fire~Safe VRS - ECTFE lined high temperature fire~safe VRS composite hose with galvanised mild steel inner and outer wire.
Product NameDanflon GGA Fire~Safe VRS
Short DescriptionECTFE lined high temperature fire~safe VRS composite hose with galvanised mild steel inner and outer wire.
DescriptionMulti-layer thermoplastic hoses (composite hoses), for suction and pressure operation.
ApplicationHigh temperature chemical transfer (up to 160° C).
Application Heavy DutyHigh temperature ship to shore and marine applications.
MediaAggressive chemicals and acids.
CommentDantec fire~safe VRS composite hose, provides maximum protection for your assets when transferring fuel & other hazardous liquids, vapour is released gradually to prevent sudden catastrophic failure.
Premium quality composite hose suitable for high temperature use up to 160° C. Hose is lined with ECTFE for its broad chemical resistance and high mechanical strength and low permeability.
Inner helixGalvanised Mild Steel
Fabric ReinforcementPolypropylene
Sealing FilmPolypropylene, Polyester
CoverRed PVC coated Polyester fabric.
Outer helixGalvanised Mild Steel
StandardEN13765 Type 3
Max WP bar14 Bar (DN 250 = 10,5 Bar)
Safety factorStandard: 4:1
Heavy Duty: 5:1
Temperature min.-30 ° C
Temperature max.160 ° C
MarkingMarking on coupling ferrule: DD.MM.YY · Serial Number · xx MM / xx bar · BSEN13765
SizeDN 25 to DN 250
Size (ID)250 mm (10") HD (Heavy Duty)
Product Name250 mm (10") HD (Heavy Duty)
Part NumberHD 250
Length (L1)next m (Length Between Sealing Surfaces)
Hose End Fitting One Side
Coupling DetailJIS 10 K Plated CS fixed flange - PCS ferrule
StandardJIS 10 K
Hose Tail MaterialPlated Carbon Steel
FerrulesPlated Carbon Steel
Last Update: 04.03.2022