Configurator Hose Assemblies

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Camlock 'EN 14420-7'

Camlock 'EN 14420-7'

TW System 'EN 14420-6'

TW System 'EN 14420-6'

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Dry Disconnect Couplings

Dry Disconnect Couplings

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5Hose Coupling 2
6Part No.

Part Number

D7GGFIRE 65 L1=m...

Hose TypeDanoil 7GG Fire~Safe VRS - Polypropylene lined fire~safe VRS composite hose with galvanised mild steel inner and outer wire.
Product NameDanoil 7GG Fire~Safe VRS
Part NumberD7GGFIRE
Short DescriptionPolypropylene lined fire~safe VRS composite hose with galvanised mild steel inner and outer wire.
DescriptionMulti-layer thermoplastic hoses (composite hoses), for suction and pressure operation.
ApplicationRail car loading and unloading, road tanker bottom loading & in plant hose exchanges.
Application Heavy DutyShip to shore and on board marine transfer.
MediaHeavy hydrocarbon products.
CommentDantec fire~safe VRS composite hose, provides maximum protection for your assets when transferring fuel & other hazardous liquids, vapour is released gradually to prevent sudden catastrophic failure.
A tough, high strength composite transfer hose.
Inner helixGalvanised Mild Steel
Fabric ReinforcementPolypropylene, Polyester
Sealing FilmPolypropylene, Polyester
CoverRed PVC coated Polyester fabric.
Outer helixGalvanised Mild Steel
StandardEN13765 Type 3
Max WP bar14 Bar (DN 250 = 10,5 Bar)
Safety factorStandard: 4:1
Heavy Duty: 5:1
Temperature min.-30 ° C
Temperature max.100 ° C
MarkingMarking on coupling ferrule: DD.MM.YY · Serial Number · xx MM / xx bar · BSEN13765
SizeDN 25 to DN 250
Size (ID)65 mm (2 ½")
Product Name65 mm (2 ½")
Part Number65
Length (L1)next m (Length Between Sealing Surfaces)
Last Update: 04.03.2022